Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ordinary Rant

I rarely write in this blog, but since it is the day after Halloween and a few things are pissing me off, I figured why the hell not.

Look,Halloween is one of my favorite celebration days/nights. So much ghoulish fun.
But, I swear if next year I see some freakin' 6 ft tall 30 yr old at my door trying to get candy, I will beat them with a baseball bat!
Let me lay it out for you...if you are over the age of 12, NO CANDY FOR YOU!
Yes, I am the Candy Nazi.
I went Trick or Treating for the last time when I was 11. I am willing to give kids one more year than I had.
If you come to my door and look like you are in your teens, NO CANDY.
This year, I only gave candy to one wee fairy that I know. Her parents brought her over at my request.
My porch light was off and the gate was closed. Nonetheless, I still had a couple of obviously too old Trick or Treaters make it to my door. I opened the door, took a look and said "You are too old to be out doing this. I only give candy to little kids"
The response I got was ....well.....pretty negative.
Glad I was wearing a gun when I answered the door. It dissuaded them from acting out some negative responses.
After they were out of the yard, I released Andy and Siona to patrol the yard. I heard plenty of barking, but no one else came to the door. Nothing like a couple of large, aggressive and loud dogs to keep people out of your yard!
C'mon...let little kids have their fun and make fond childhood memories. If you are in your teens (or older), go to a party, set up a haunted house, give out candy.
And stay away from my house.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yes, I Deleted a Post

That's right...I deleted the post not because there was anything wrong with it, but because my fella requested it.
His reasons were that the post brought people here in droves from a group I no longer associate with, nor do I wish to associate with.
He has a point.

I don't back down from anything I posted.
It was the complete truth and I have my son as a witness PLUS many, many people at the rooming house that know what I moved in with, friends in Joplin that know what I left with and emails from other parties that had also met in real life the person I commented about and agreed with me.

Truth is, when I look on my visitor list and see multiple visits from Grand Prairie Texas and even more from Washington state, I realize that the only way to banish those negative people from my life is to ignore them completely.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What the heck?

Things and people that annoy me seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days!
Found out from a few people that one of my ex husbands turned up in a town we used to live and many of my relatives still live in.
Apparently, he made some inquiries as to my whereabouts.
Didn't say why, but seemed anxious to find out.
Look, it has been YEARS since the divorce was final...even more years since we split.
It's done.
I am in a happy place now with someone that genuinely cares.
You can't revisit a past.....just doesn't work.
And I don't want to. Got enough pain and misery out of that relationship to last a lifetime.

Another ongoing annoyance here is the heat, but I am adapting.
Does make you wonder, though, about those first pioneers.
"Look, a land perfect for us! Snakes, scorpions, deserts and blazing hot sunshine! The kids will LOVE it!"
Yeah, r-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght.
I made it my goal this year to quit my addiction to *gulp* Dr Pepper.
I am doing pretty well...
Why is it, when you are quitting something, be it fattening foods, caffeine, soda, cigarettes, etc., all of a sudden every damn person you encounter is enjoying that now forbidden pleasure?
C'mon! I have been good....hadn't had a soda in DAYS. Just starting to think I was gonna be good...and then a neighbor comes over, in the heat of the day when I am cleaning out the chicken coop and they are swigging down an ice cold Dr Pepper!
And they have an extra one in their hand and say "You were looking hot out here...here, have a soda"

So, I faltered out there.
I backslid. Forgive me oh great non-caffeine gods.
I'll restart my quitting program on Monday.
I betcha this gets harder when I start the quit smoking program....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, Here We Are...

Here we are, hitting March already.
The economy is still in the toilet, just nobody has had the manners to do a courtesy flush yet.
The Middle East has turned into Chaos, Inc. with protests in about half the countries going on.
Applications for Food Stamps are up, housing sales are still down.
New construction, one of the driving forces of the economy when it comes to construction is WAY down.
The Army is deploying yet still more troops to Iraq (oh, no, children, we aren't done there by a long shot!) and assume my Darlin' Man is champing at the bit to go as well.
He put in his RETIREMENT papers, you idiots! As in; He is LEAVING. No, NOT leaving for Iraq...leaving the military!
What's more, he has a Doctors Note saying he isn't fit to go. That's right, a DOCTORS NOTE...one of YOUR doctors saying he CAN'T go!
But the Army is ignoring that....they expect him to go.
Needless to say, I am having a bit of an internal hissy fit about the situation.
I am sure that everything will work out and the Darlin' Man will remain stateside, but I am feeling a bit stressed by the hoops they are making hm jump through, nonetheless.
In better news, th weather has smoothed out here after that icy beginning to the new year and a couple of minor sand storms.
Helpful Note: Do NOT hang wet clothes on the line before a sand storm hits. Not. Good. Jus' sayin'...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I post in this blog infrequently, but it has been about a month, so I decided to welcome in 2011 here.

2011 arrived here with a blast of Arctic air and a bit of snow. I enjoyed it, but the fella and the kids bundled up as if they were embarking on an expedition to the South Pole! I was walking around the house in shorts and a tee shirt and gave a nod to the weather by adding a pair of knee socks to my ensemble when I ventured outside.
Man, some people get cranky when they are cold! Just my lack of 32 layers of clothing seemed to annoy them!
"How can you wear THAT!?" was the comment I heard every morning and several times a day.
My Darlin' Man's freaking out point came one morning while he, under a sheet, a blanket, a quilt, a down comforter and another comforter--while wearing long underwear and pajamas over those, saw me calmly slip on my bedroom slippers and go out to feed the livestock in my light cotton sleeveless nightgown.
"Are you INSANE!!???" was the blanket muffled query I heard as I went out the bedroom door.
It was a rather mild 35 degrees...I could not understand the issue.
I fed the livestock and wandered back inside after enjoying the brisk morning air and watching the sun rise.
The fella had migrated to the sofa, still wrapped in a comforter, but had added a parka (!) to his  sleep attire.
We keep the heat in the house at a relatively balmy 62 degrees....
"Could you fix me a nice hot breakfast?", he asked...although I fix him a hot breakfast EVERY morning.
I fixed it...and had a nice cool cup of yogurt for my breakfast while he eyed my choice with something akin to horror.
The final straw for the cold weather haters in my household came when the power went out during a strong windstorm.
"We'll FREEZE!" they wailed.
I filled up some empty 2 liter bottles with scalding hot water and wrapped them in dish towels and put a couple in each bed. About a half hour later, everyone crawled into warm comfy beds for a good nights sleep.
I ended up kicking off about half my covers that night...felt like I would suffocate! The Darlin' Man was more than happy to take my excess covers...he is a true blanket hog!
Why are some people so cold natured and others hot natured?
I dunno....
But check back with me in the summer when I start my whining!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sometimes Men Just Don't "Get It"

Having a frustrating week here...sigh.
Why don't men "get it"?
We women demurely drop hints...then we leave demur behind and make strong hints...we then progress to telling a man right out what we need/desire/require. If all else fails, we hit them over the head with with our request (which has usually escalated to a blatant demand at this point!)
And then they look at us and say "Huh...what?"
Head + Brick Wall

My Darlin' Man has been particularly obtuse lately.
I love him. Really, I do. He is sexy and smart and funny and adorable and dependable and everything I want/need in a partner in life.
But, he is male and suffers on occasion that male brainlessness and clueless behavior.
It has to be a gender related thing, as I have never seen a female suffering from it.
Call me sexist, I don't care!

Give a man a grocery list...maybe 6 items on it.Explain to him that is all you need AND the food budget can't be stretched any further this month.
I GUARANTEE he will return from the store with about 80 bucks worth of stuff, a lot of stuff you don't need and didn't want---and he will neglect to get at least two items on your list!
Oh, and those two items will be crucial to your cooking/baking in the next week!
He'll buy 40 pounds of flour...and forget yeast. Buy 15 bucks worth of produce and neglect to get the salad dressing you requested. Sixteen pounds of chicken ("It was on sale, baby!") but no ziplock freezer bags or aluminum foil or plastic wrap so you can freeze it.

Yes, been dealing with that lately....sigh.
Some days, I wish I drank......
He will return from the store