Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boxed In

I know a few people that live *boxed in* lives.
It frustrates me.
Their work life is in this box, their love life in that one, their hobbies in another and so on.

No cross-over hardly at all. I don't see how they do it, and more importantly, I can't figure out WHY they do it. My work life, love life, spiritual life, hobbies, dreams and goals are all jumbled up together and I LIKE it that way!
Problem is, I have some friends, people I adore, that tend to live a *boxed in* existence. Unfortunately, that means they have put ME in a *box* as well.
NOT acceptable.
The only *box* I ever intend to be in is years away and me and said box will go up in flames as I intend to be cremated!
So, my musings this morning are around this point; how do I climb out of the box I have been shoved into and show these people that it is okay to *unbox* their lives?