Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, Here We Are...

Here we are, hitting March already.
The economy is still in the toilet, just nobody has had the manners to do a courtesy flush yet.
The Middle East has turned into Chaos, Inc. with protests in about half the countries going on.
Applications for Food Stamps are up, housing sales are still down.
New construction, one of the driving forces of the economy when it comes to construction is WAY down.
The Army is deploying yet still more troops to Iraq (oh, no, children, we aren't done there by a long shot!) and assume my Darlin' Man is champing at the bit to go as well.
He put in his RETIREMENT papers, you idiots! As in; He is LEAVING. No, NOT leaving for Iraq...leaving the military!
What's more, he has a Doctors Note saying he isn't fit to go. That's right, a DOCTORS of YOUR doctors saying he CAN'T go!
But the Army is ignoring that....they expect him to go.
Needless to say, I am having a bit of an internal hissy fit about the situation.
I am sure that everything will work out and the Darlin' Man will remain stateside, but I am feeling a bit stressed by the hoops they are making hm jump through, nonetheless.
In better news, th weather has smoothed out here after that icy beginning to the new year and a couple of minor sand storms.
Helpful Note: Do NOT hang wet clothes on the line before a sand storm hits. Not. Good. Jus' sayin'...