Sunday, July 24, 2011

What the heck?

Things and people that annoy me seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days!
Found out from a few people that one of my ex husbands turned up in a town we used to live and many of my relatives still live in.
Apparently, he made some inquiries as to my whereabouts.
Didn't say why, but seemed anxious to find out.
Look, it has been YEARS since the divorce was final...even more years since we split.
It's done.
I am in a happy place now with someone that genuinely cares.
You can't revisit a past.....just doesn't work.
And I don't want to. Got enough pain and misery out of that relationship to last a lifetime.

Another ongoing annoyance here is the heat, but I am adapting.
Does make you wonder, though, about those first pioneers.
"Look, a land perfect for us! Snakes, scorpions, deserts and blazing hot sunshine! The kids will LOVE it!"
Yeah, r-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght.
I made it my goal this year to quit my addiction to *gulp* Dr Pepper.
I am doing pretty well...
Why is it, when you are quitting something, be it fattening foods, caffeine, soda, cigarettes, etc., all of a sudden every damn person you encounter is enjoying that now forbidden pleasure?
C'mon! I have been good....hadn't had a soda in DAYS. Just starting to think I was gonna be good...and then a neighbor comes over, in the heat of the day when I am cleaning out the chicken coop and they are swigging down an ice cold Dr Pepper!
And they have an extra one in their hand and say "You were looking hot out, have a soda"

So, I faltered out there.
I backslid. Forgive me oh great non-caffeine gods.
I'll restart my quitting program on Monday.
I betcha this gets harder when I start the quit smoking program....

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