Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to 2011

I post in this blog infrequently, but it has been about a month, so I decided to welcome in 2011 here.

2011 arrived here with a blast of Arctic air and a bit of snow. I enjoyed it, but the fella and the kids bundled up as if they were embarking on an expedition to the South Pole! I was walking around the house in shorts and a tee shirt and gave a nod to the weather by adding a pair of knee socks to my ensemble when I ventured outside.
Man, some people get cranky when they are cold! Just my lack of 32 layers of clothing seemed to annoy them!
"How can you wear THAT!?" was the comment I heard every morning and several times a day.
My Darlin' Man's freaking out point came one morning while he, under a sheet, a blanket, a quilt, a down comforter and another comforter--while wearing long underwear and pajamas over those, saw me calmly slip on my bedroom slippers and go out to feed the livestock in my light cotton sleeveless nightgown.
"Are you INSANE!!???" was the blanket muffled query I heard as I went out the bedroom door.
It was a rather mild 35 degrees...I could not understand the issue.
I fed the livestock and wandered back inside after enjoying the brisk morning air and watching the sun rise.
The fella had migrated to the sofa, still wrapped in a comforter, but had added a parka (!) to his  sleep attire.
We keep the heat in the house at a relatively balmy 62 degrees....
"Could you fix me a nice hot breakfast?", he asked...although I fix him a hot breakfast EVERY morning.
I fixed it...and had a nice cool cup of yogurt for my breakfast while he eyed my choice with something akin to horror.
The final straw for the cold weather haters in my household came when the power went out during a strong windstorm.
"We'll FREEZE!" they wailed.
I filled up some empty 2 liter bottles with scalding hot water and wrapped them in dish towels and put a couple in each bed. About a half hour later, everyone crawled into warm comfy beds for a good nights sleep.
I ended up kicking off about half my covers that night...felt like I would suffocate! The Darlin' Man was more than happy to take my excess covers...he is a true blanket hog!
Why are some people so cold natured and others hot natured?
I dunno....
But check back with me in the summer when I start my whining!

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  1. Sounds like some of the conversations between me and Yeoldfurt around here. I whine in the winter ...and fall and occasionally early spring, ...and he whines all the time EXCEPT winter. Unless we have an unseasonably warm winter like this year. Then he whines in winter too.

    But you know what? Neither of us are whiners by nature. He takes some heart medications that make him especially sensitive to too much heat. The man sweats so bad at anything above 70 degrees that he carries a hand towel to mop his brow. I, on the other hand, have very low thyroid that, even on medication, causes me to be overly sensitive to cold. I literally shiver and get goosebumps at any temperature below about 78 degrees. (We're the odd couple)

    But I don't know anyone who can sweat profusely just because they want to make a point, nor do I know anyone who can cause themselves to break out in goosebumps just because they want to make a point. We are both honestly FREEZING and MELTING at roughly the same temperature. Did I mention we're the odd couple?