Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sometimes Men Just Don't "Get It"

Having a frustrating week here...sigh.
Why don't men "get it"?
We women demurely drop hints...then we leave demur behind and make strong hints...we then progress to telling a man right out what we need/desire/require. If all else fails, we hit them over the head with with our request (which has usually escalated to a blatant demand at this point!)
And then they look at us and say "Huh...what?"
Head + Brick Wall

My Darlin' Man has been particularly obtuse lately.
I love him. Really, I do. He is sexy and smart and funny and adorable and dependable and everything I want/need in a partner in life.
But, he is male and suffers on occasion that male brainlessness and clueless behavior.
It has to be a gender related thing, as I have never seen a female suffering from it.
Call me sexist, I don't care!

Give a man a grocery list...maybe 6 items on it.Explain to him that is all you need AND the food budget can't be stretched any further this month.
I GUARANTEE he will return from the store with about 80 bucks worth of stuff, a lot of stuff you don't need and didn't want---and he will neglect to get at least two items on your list!
Oh, and those two items will be crucial to your cooking/baking in the next week!
He'll buy 40 pounds of flour...and forget yeast. Buy 15 bucks worth of produce and neglect to get the salad dressing you requested. Sixteen pounds of chicken ("It was on sale, baby!") but no ziplock freezer bags or aluminum foil or plastic wrap so you can freeze it.

Yes, been dealing with that lately....sigh.
Some days, I wish I drank......
He will return from the store

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