Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ordinary Rant

I rarely write in this blog, but since it is the day after Halloween and a few things are pissing me off, I figured why the hell not.

Look,Halloween is one of my favorite celebration days/nights. So much ghoulish fun.
But, I swear if next year I see some freakin' 6 ft tall 30 yr old at my door trying to get candy, I will beat them with a baseball bat!
Let me lay it out for you...if you are over the age of 12, NO CANDY FOR YOU!
Yes, I am the Candy Nazi.
I went Trick or Treating for the last time when I was 11. I am willing to give kids one more year than I had.
If you come to my door and look like you are in your teens, NO CANDY.
This year, I only gave candy to one wee fairy that I know. Her parents brought her over at my request.
My porch light was off and the gate was closed. Nonetheless, I still had a couple of obviously too old Trick or Treaters make it to my door. I opened the door, took a look and said "You are too old to be out doing this. I only give candy to little kids"
The response I got was ....well.....pretty negative.
Glad I was wearing a gun when I answered the door. It dissuaded them from acting out some negative responses.
After they were out of the yard, I released Andy and Siona to patrol the yard. I heard plenty of barking, but no one else came to the door. Nothing like a couple of large, aggressive and loud dogs to keep people out of your yard!
C'mon...let little kids have their fun and make fond childhood memories. If you are in your teens (or older), go to a party, set up a haunted house, give out candy.
And stay away from my house.

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  1. I agree, Lamb! It's been a pet peeve of mine all of my adult life. When you and I were kids, none of our FRIENDS trick or treated after age 11 or 12 either ...it would have been totally uncool to even suggest such a thing! There were Halloween parties for the bigger kids ...but trick or treating? No way!