Friday, August 13, 2010

Yeah...But I'm a GROWN UP Now, So I CAN!!!

Remember all that crap you got yelled at for doing (or not doing) when you were a kid?
I yelled at my kids for some of the same bad.

Now, my kids are grown, I am more or less on my own...and I realized a couple of weeks ago that there were a few things I had never done since becoming an adult. ( my case, maybe quasi-adult would be better terminology).

I made a list and tried out a few things, so here is my report:

Playing ball in the house. Pretty fun. Probably because my dog ended up being an enthusiastic partner in crime.
Drinking milk out of the carton. Rather enjoyable.I am the only one here that drinks milk, so now I have one less glass to wash.
Running with scissors. Doesn't have the charm I thought it would.
Drawing on the wall. AWESOME! I have a field of poppies on my bedroom door now.
Leaving my shoes in the middle of the floor. Bad idea when you trip over them in the middle of the night.
Leaving the t.v. on all night. In my case, it was my computer -- which I watch movies and t.v. shows on. This one gets a mixed review. I lined up several *conspiracy* documentaries on youtube...6 hours worth or so.Went to sleep during "From Freedom to Fascism". Not bad...but sometime during the night, a David Ickes documentary came into the mix. I was jolted awake by "Alien lizards---the Queen of England among them!!!" Now granted, the woman is no beauty queen, but I am not quite sure she qualifies as an alien lizard. My advice on this one...choose the programs carefully. I had a difficult time getting back to sleep.
Going outside barefoot and no jacket in the rain.I HIGHLY recommend this one! Yes, mud squished delightfully between my toes and my hair was plastered to my head and my clothes were soaked through, but it was an utterly delightful experience!
Eating dessert FIRST. Yes, yes and YES! Do it.
Not sharing your crayons. Got myself the Crayola BIG box. Mine...ALL MINE!!! Used them to color on the wall. Very. Cool.
Jumping on the bed (or other furniture). Kind of a let down. This probably because I only have a mattress on the floor. Will re-do this experiment after I get a proper bed. Did get the dog pretty excited, though.

All in all, I had a good time.
I suggest everyone out there try breaking a childhood rule or two your parents had for you and see how it feels!

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  1. I tried chewing with my mouth open but there was no one there to gross out....let down.

    I agree about the dessert and the drinking out of the milk carton.

    I don't recommend wiping your face on your sleeve after eating pizza....still gotta do the laundry :)