Monday, August 30, 2010

People Just Piss Me Off Some Days

Grouchy me.
People have really irritated me in the past few weeks.
To wit:
Slow people at ATMs. Look, swipe your card, get your damn money and GO already! Don't stand there and check your checking balance. Check your savings balance. Check you checking balance again. Look at receipts carefully for at least 3 minutes. FINALLY decide to take out money.Swipe card again. Forget pin (apparently).Swipe card again, get pin right, take out money. Examine receipt like a diamond evaluator in Amsterdam. Swipe card again and check balances again. Finally leave. I want to stab you in the head with a spoon.
Late people. You told me to meet you at such and such place at such and such time. You are not there. I wait. And wait. And wait.You finally show up and breezily offer some sort of (non) excuse. This is NOT the first time you did this.Trust me, it will be the last. Look, being late is RUDE. It is telling the other person that YOUR time is more important and valuable than THEIR time.
Cashiers that have *important* things to do (other than waiting on customers). Talking to other salespeople. Rearranging merchandise. Talking on phone. Doing nails. You get the idea. Look, you got a job in the *service industry*, lets provide some damn service, already!!!
People using cell phones in public.Okay, I can understand calling your spouse while in the grocery store to make sure you are getting the right brand of beer or whatever. I do NOT appreciate standing behind you in line while you go into the details of your last trip to the gynecologist! C'mon...I am planning dinner in my head...I do NOT need to hear about your "cervical discharge". And using a cell phone at ANY sort of performance should be punishable by public flogging! Turn those bastards off in the cinema, the theatre, the concert venue!
Just trying to vent a bit...

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