Sunday, July 25, 2010

True Confessions

Ever go along with the crowd just so you didn't feel left out?
Yeah...we all have.
So, in the spirit of finally not going along with the are my true confessions of the day:
First, movies, actors and actresses:
Lord of the Rings trilogy? Never made it through the second and third one. Fell asleep.Snooze-fest. First one was okay.
I liked "Willow" better.More entertaining. If I want Tolkien, I read Tolkien. See it much better in my head, anyway.
Meryl Streep. Can't stand her. I KNOW she has a million Oscars, Golden Globes, etc. It is just people look up at the screen and say "WOW! Look at her ACT!"  You shouldn't be doing that. You should be SO immersed in the story the cast of a film is telling on that screen that you forget they are acting. Besides, I think I have only seen her act like she was having fun or enjoying her self in one movie;  "Death Becomes Her".
The Godfather. And all the sequels, prequels, etc. Not a fan. The first was...ehhhh...okay. After that---suck fest.
Eddie Murphy and almost every other actor that has gone to work for Disney. Sell outs. Lost their edge in return for a paycheck. I know, they gotta eat, too, but still...puhleeeeze..there are some levels you just can't stoop to!
Movies being made of bad t.v. shows from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. Stop. By all that is sacred and holy, Just. Stop. It.
Movie remakes of other movies. Stop that, too. Don't the idiots in Hollywood have a single creative bone in their collective bodies? Some of the movies were done well the first time, so a second film is not necessary. Other films were just so dreadful in all facets that it is like that old cliche: Garbage in, garbage out.

On to Fashion:
Shoes...dear heavens, SHOES. Have you seen the prices socialites and Hollywood types and the wealthy pay for their shoes...600 bucks, 800 bucks, 2000 bucks...WTF!?!?!
C'mon people, they are *just* frikkin' S-H-O-E-S!
And the more expensive ones seem to be the ugliest.
Put me in a cheap pair of sneakers from K-Mart and I am happy. I'll pay a bit more for hiking boots, but those are footwear with a purpose.
Same for purses. Saw a picture of a young actress with a purse that she paid 14,500 for.
What. The. Hell.
And the darn thing was almost as big as she was and ugly as home-made sin!
Wear clothes that are neat, clean and comfortable and you are good to go.

Back to my true confessions:
Cars do NOT impress me. A guy driving a Ferrari or a girl behind the wheel of a Mercedes strike me as  endowed with more money than sense.
If it is a Mercedes diesel...NOW ya got my attention. Rig it so it can burn vegetable oil (recycled) and you'll get a big thumbs up from me!

Another true confession...I am a lousy driver. I will not drive in inclement weather or after dark unless it is a dire emergency. I KNOW I am a bad driver. I KNOW my eyesight is not the best. So, when I do have a vehicle, I limit my driving to the absolute minimum.

Other true confessions:
I love dark chocolate. Best edible thing on the planet.
I am a Science Fiction addict. Love Steampunk. (Look it up) Frank Herbert. Robert Heinlein.  Issac Asminov.
Yeah...a bit of a geek.

Well, I feel I have unburdened my soul enough for one day...

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