Friday, July 9, 2010

Mad Dogs and Englishmen....

So, I went walking to the store this morning. The store I was heading to is about 2 miles away, so I made sure I was quite prepared.
Water bottle: Check
Hiking Boots: Check
My Big Bag Purse: Check
So, I set off, enjoying a bit of a morning breeze before the sun got too hot.
Halfway there, I stopped to get a bag of walnuts at Family Dollar (they are HALF the price there that they are in the grocery store!). I dig into my bag for my wallet...and it's not there.
I had enough money tucked into the bottom of my bag to pay for the walnuts, but still...
So, back to the house.
A mile walk.
The breeze had stopped and the sun was gleefully beating down on me. I had also forgot a sun hat.
Everyone was rushing past in their air conditioned cars while I trudged homeward.
I made it home....sweating...a bit ticked off at myself...
Got up the three flights of stairs and there, THERE was my wallet, right where I left it on the kitchen counter.
Called a friend to get a ride later to the store.
Made a better checklist for my next trip up the road...

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