Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Experiments in self-improvement

Okay...I have bad habits.
Everybody does..
My current bad habits include :watching too much t.v., smoking and drinking soda to excess.
TV has now been moved out of my room.
I stopped drinking soda.
Now...I have not had any withdrawal symptoms from tossing the tv out of my room. If I want information, I go to my computer. I mainly watched History and Discovery Channel anyway and most of their stuff is available online.
On to the soda...that was a bit harder...and then, out of  pure damn desperation, I grabbed the lemon juice off the fridge shelf, pored a teaspoon in a mug added cold water and ice cubes and a couple of teaspoons of sugar...Lemonade! I made it a bit more tart than most people like it, but it works for me.
I sip on it every time I get a craving for soda.
So, for the past 40 hours now, I have been clean of caffiene....W00-H00!
Now for the worst habit...Smoking.
I have switched from name brand cigs, down to generic, and finally, I am now rolling my own.
They taste like shit and I can't roll worth a damn, so my smoking has reduced substantially.
So, there's my self improvement efforts..which seem to be going fairly well right now.


  1. I find the pipe tobacco is cheaper than cigarette tobacco. A friend of mine, rolls the pipe tobacco and it tastes great. I think the costs is half as much. I just use a pipe though, I cant roll ether.

  2. The secret to lemonade is to boil the water and sugar. I boil up a whole pot of water, add my sugar, then let it cool. Then I add my lemon juice. Fresh squeezed is best, but... sigh.. from a bottle is okay too. I make it up double strength and keep it in the fridge in a gallon jug. When I want lemonade I just mix it half and half with cold water, or part vodka and part water... or if I want it real potent half and half with just vodka. :-)