Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's Get It Rolling...

I started this blog, didn't do really anything with it and have decided to go ahead and be the opinionated hellion I am frequently rumored to be and just let her rip!

By way of introductions..
I am female, over 50 and the mother of 7. I currently live in and manage a rooming house in southeast Texas. I have lived in Europe and all over the USA. My politics are warped as hell.
I am WAY liberal on some things (legalize marijuana!) and wildly conservative on others (drug test welfare recipients!), so be warned!

The rooming house is a microcosm of the marginal edge of our current society.
We have older folk living on disability, young folks in college, young couples just starting out, middle-aged people just getting out of a marriage, transient workers, workers for fast food joints, etc.
We rent month-to-month, so there is no pesky lease to deal with. We provide all utilities including cable tv, so no deposits for same required.
The neighborhood is not the best, so we have to contend with attempted home invasions, prostitutes wandering up to the door, drug dealers, homeless people trying to sneak in and find a warm place to sleep at night, etc.
I am armed 90% of the time out of necessity as I walk through the house.
I have been attacked by *cracked out* prostitutes and tenants. I have been threatened and attacked by tenants during evictions.
Besides a gun by my side, I also have another *tool* I employ for my safety. A damn good dog. She is trained to protect me, as a few unfortunate people have found out. When I am out of the house, she stays in my room and repels anyone that attempts to enter. It helps to have a breed that is inherently very territorial. My dog is half German Shepherd and half Pit Bull. She is a *tool* , a companion, a friend and a protector. I am also her protector and friend, as well as being her supplier of doggie treats. Okay, and I get her kerchiefs to wear. For some reason, the damn dog likes to wear them around her neck.

I have a dozen people living here. A dozen people, with all their problems, personalities, addictions, quirks, bad habits, good habits, etc and so on ad infintum.
It gets funny sometimes, it gets scary sometimes. There is ALWAYS something going on that requires my attention.
The large house is old and has it's own quirks, too. And requires as much, if not more, attention as the people that live here.
I live in a hurricane through Ike okay the first year I lived here.

So, now you know a bit about me...
Oh yes, I am currently engaged, having obtained my third divorce last year.
My Darling Man is in the military and currently deployed "in the snadbox". About all I will say about that-- security reasons you understand.

Come along for the is fun, life is rough, life is a constant surprise.

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